• The Textiles class is designed to enable students to understand and appreciate the nature and significance of textiles and to develop confidence and competence in the selection, design, and application of textile items.
  • Classes may include…

    • Hand sewing
      o What stitch to use, what thread and techniques for what fabric type
      o Making a stuffed toy from scratch
    • Embroidery
      o Decorating a piece of clothing (or hanky) with coloured thread and beads
    • Crochet, Macramé and Knitting basics
    • Pattern following
      o Following a pattern to make an item
      o How to make a pattern
    • Working with leather
      o How to decorate leather with patterns
      o Making a small leather wallet

    Outcomes in the Australian Curriculum covered are…

    • Design & Technology
    • Visual Art
  • Teacher: Nikki Bestwick

    Nikki has been teaching acting to teens and adults for 32 years. Nikki has a flair for all the arts as she makes all her own costumes, headpieces and backdrops for stage performances. She loves teaching and prides herself on drawing out the best in her students.