Term Dates

  • Term Dates for HEY Fever classes

    HEY Fever are not a school, but are do run our classes as close to the Education Department of WA school term dates as possible.

    This gives families:

    • Continuity if other children in the family attend school
    • Continuity in the students learning
    • Continuity in your families timetabling and organisation


  • Our Term Dates for 2018:
    Semester 1
    Term 1

    Orientation Days:
    Morley Wednesday 31st January, Bibra Lake Friday 2nd February

    Tuesdays: 6th February – 10th April

    Wednesdays: 7th February – 11th April

    Thursdays: 8th February – 12th April

    Fridays: 9th February – 13th April (except 30th March for Easter Friday)

    Term 2

    Tuesdays: 1st May – 26th June

    Wednesdays: 2nd May – 27th June

    Thursdays: 3rd May – 28th June

    Fridays: 4th May – 29th June

    Presentation Afternoon: Saturday 30th June

    Semester 2
    Term 3

    Orientation Days: Morley Wednesday 11th July, Bibra Lake Friday 13th July

    Tuesdays: 17th July – 18th September

    Wednesdays: 18th July – 19th September

    Thursdays: 19th July – 20th September

    Fridays: 20th July – 21st September

    Term 4

    Tuesdays: 9th October – 4th December

    Wednesdays: 10th October – 5th December

    Thursdays: 11th October – 6th December

    Friday: 12th October – 7th December

    Presentation Afternoon: Saturday 8th December

  • Our Term Dates for 2019:
    Semester 1
    Term 1

    Orientation Days:
    Morley Tuesday 5th February, Bibra Lake Friday 8th February

    Tuesdays: 12th February – 9th April

    Thursdays: 14th February – 11th April

    Fridays: 15th February – 12th April (except 30th March for Easter Friday)

    Term 2

    Tuesdays: 30th April – 2nd July

    Thursdays: 2nd May – 4th July

    Fridays: 3rd May – 5th July

    Presentation Afternoon: Friday 5th July

    Semester 2
    Term 3

    Tuesdays: 23rd July – 24th September

    Thursdays: 25th July – 26th September

    Fridays: 26th July – 27th September

    Term 4

    Tuesdays: 15th October – 10th December

    Thursdays: 17th October – 12th December

    Friday: 18th October – 13th December

    Presentation Afternoon: Saturday 7th December

  • Click the image below to download a printable version for 2019: