Technology & Apps

  • HEY Fever classes focus on both the Australian National Curriculum and the WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

    Both these Curriculum includes seven general capabilities:

    • Literacy
    • Numeral
    • Information and communication technology (ICT) capability 
    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Personal and social capability
    • Ethical understanding
    • Intercultural understanding.

    These seven capabilities are an integral part of all our class curriculum at HEY Fever.

    Information and communication technology (ICT) capability:

    A number of our classes comply with the ICT capability with Technology playing a major part in the classroom. For all students to benefit, all students need to have their own Technology (iPad/Tablet or Laptop) with required apps and computer programmes installed. These classes are marked as “Technology required” subjects.

    We supply mobile internet via wifi mobile internet boxes, with access codes given to students on arrival. 

    All students will need to be able to access to the internet with any app of your choosing (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) as well as the apps listed below. All apps below are free to install on an iPad/Tablet unless specified, however they do cost money on a laptop. We recommend an iPad for all students where possible. Please download one app from each category below. Please note: Microsoft apps need to have an account and be signed in to be able to be used. As the parent, you will need to open these apps and make an account prior to the classes. Whilst there are free versions of the paid apps, they will not allow your child to do what needs to be done in the class.

  • Word Processing:
    Slide Presentations:
  • Mind Mapping:
    Spreadsheets (for Money Matters only):