Social Anthropology

  • Social Anthropology is the study of  human societies, countries and cultures. We are a multicultural society- we need to understand each other to be able to live and work together. We will be discovering who we are through how others are!
  • Students will learn about how people…

    • Think
    • Live
    • Work
    • Talk
    • Celebrate
    • Worship
    • Eat

    Classes will include..

    • Discussions
    • Research
    • Mapping
    • Cooking
    • Craft

    It would be an asset for students to have their own iPad/Tablet/ with required apps installed

  • Outcomes within the Australian Curriculum covered are…

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
    • English
    • Health
    • Digital Technology 
  • Teacher: Sarah-Ann Nicholson-Holden

    Classes will be taught by Sarah-Ann Nicholson-Holden from Rainbow Productions. Sarah-Ann is our head teacher bringing with her over 20 years experience teaching all ages and abilities from Primary to TAFE level. She is currently homeschooling her 3 boys who are 11, 14 &15. Sarah-Ann teaches a range of different classes over the 4 days at both venues.