• Science classes comprise of hands on activities centred around a different themed lesson each week! All classes will include discussion, analysis and hands on experiments with students often taking home models they’ve made. 
  • Classes will cover all strands of Science and is inline with the Australian Curriculum.

    • Science Understanding 
      • Biological sciences
      • Chemical sciences
      • Earth & space sciences
      • Physical Sciences
    • Science as a human endeavour
      • Nature & development of science
      • Use and influence of science
    • Science inquiry skills
      • Questioning & predicting
      • Planning & conducting
      • Processing & analysing data and information
      • Evaluating
      • Communicating

    The four sub-strands (Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space, Physical) will be covered over the entire year.

    Students will produce an eclectic mind map of the semesters learning and a model created in class for display at the Presentation Afternoon for this Semester.

    Dates for 2019 Presentation Afternoons are:

    • Semester 1: Tuesday/Friday Afternoon 2nd/5th July
    • Semester 2: Final - Saturday 7th December
  • Outcomes covered in the Australian curriculum:

    • Science
    • Design & Technology
  • Teacher: Sarah-Ann Nicholson-Holden

    Classes will be taught by Sarah-Ann Nicholson-Holden. Sarah-Ann is our head teacher bringing with her over 30 years experience teaching all ages and abilities from Primary to TAFE level. She is currently homeschooling the last of her three boys, while her older two have now moved on to successful achievements at TAFE. Sarah-Ann teaches a range of different classes at both venues and is passionate about all her students and assisting them to succeed in whatever they set their mind to! Sarah has a natural bent to bring out the best in all her students!