• Science classes comprise of hands on activities centred around a different themed lesson each week! All classes will include discussion, analysis and hands on experiments with students often taking home models they’ve made. 
  • Classes will cover all strands of Science and is inline with the Australian Curriculum.

    • Science Understanding 
      • Biological sciences
      • Chemical sciences
      • Earth & space sciences
      • Physical Sciences
    • Science as a human endeavour
      • Nature & development of science
      • Use and influence of science
    • Science inquiry skills
      • Questioning & predicting
      • Planning & conducting
      • Processing & analysing data and information
      • Evaluating
      • Communicating

    The four sub-strands (Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space, Physical) will be covered over the entire year.

  • Sarah-Ann Nicholson-Holden

    Sarah-Ann is our head teacher who bring with her 20 years experience in teaching all ages and abilities from Primary to TAFE level. She is currently homeschooling her 3 boys who are 11, 13 &14. Sarah-Ann teaches a range of different classes at all 4 venues.