Language - French

  • French is a beautiful language for students of all ages! 
  • Course content may include..

    • Greetings & Introducing yourself
    • Numbers & Counting
    • Colours
    • Seasons
    • Clothing
    • Places and Directions
    • Food and shopping
    • Common nouns and verbs
    • Participate in simple conversations

    Focusing on…

    • Pronunciation & intonation
    • Grammatical sentence structures

    This semester students will present a discussion and presentation of the French language on stage.

    Dates for 2019 Presentation Afternoons are:

    • Semester 1: Mid Year – Tuesday Afternoon 2nd July
    • Semester 2: Final – Saturday 7th December
  • Outcomes within the Australian Curriculum that are covered…

    • Languages – French
  • Teacher: Mark Henderson

    Mark is a fluent French speaker, having studied French up to degree level at university in the UK. He has lived in Dijon, Burgundy for a year, with 6 months of study at a business school and 6 months working for Nestle. He has a wide overview of French life from visiting many areas of France on holidays.