• First and foremost, English is a language….. the English class focuses on how to effectively communicate in this language.
  • Students will express themselves not only in the written word, but verbally through discussion, debates and public speaking.

    Students may create…

    • Books
    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • News articles
    • Speeches
    • PowerPoint Presentations 

    … and more on their own technology!

  • Some form of technology (iPad/tablet/laptop) with required apps installed is a requirement for this class.

    Outcomes within the Australian Curriculum that may be covered…

    • English
    • Digital Technology
  • Teacher: Sarah-Ann Nicholson-Holden

    Classes will be taught by Sarah-Ann Nicholson-Holden from Rainbow Productions. Sarah-Ann is our head teacher bringing with her over 20 years experience teaching all ages and abilities from Primary to TAFE level. She is currently homeschooling her 3 boys who are 11, 13 &14. Sarah-Ann teaches a range of different classes at all 4 venues.