About Presentation Afternoons

  • Presentation afternoons happen at the end of each semester.
    This being Term 2 & Term 4.

    Term 1 & Term 3 are teaching terms, whereas terms 2 & 4 are production terms. This means that what your child has learnt in terms 1 and 3 they are now going to prove their learning by completing required assessment items or stage performance. eg English completes a newspaper or magazine, Zoology does a PowerPoint presentation in class and drama rehearses a performance to act out on stage. All students completed works are displayed around the room of the assembly hall. 

    Completion and presentation is a key standard within the Australian Curriculum, therefore Presentation afternoon is compulsory for all students to attend to prove their satisfactory completion of the class. Certificates will be awarded to all students for attendance and completion of the semesters outcomes.

    Presentation day is open to all members of students families and friends. It is an opportunity to “show off” your child’s work and for extended family to see that homeschooling is a valid option for your children’s education. It sees fathers meet other homeschooling fathers, an opportunity that rarely happens, as well as be a part of their homeschooling journey. 

    A special venue is hired for this event (midway between the 2 venues) and tickets are on sale a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the afternoon to cover hireage and drinks for the afternoon. All families are asked to bring a plate to share during intermission.

    This year we will be introducing special awards for selected students acknowledging their individual strengths or gifts demonstrated throughout the semester. While we are not a school and do not believe in competitive type awards like “Most improved students” we do believe that there are numerous qualities that need to be encouraged and nurtured because they are life skills that will support and enhance the success of the individual. Things like punctuality, commitment, consistency, tolerance, acts of service, caring and compassion to name a few. Students will receive a special certificate in acknowledgement of these demonstrated strengths and a small gift.

  • The date for this semesters Presentation Afternoons is Saturday the 8th December at the
    Canning Town Hall, Cnr George Street West and Albany Highway, Cannington.