About our classes

  • HEY Fever classes are unique! 
    • All classes run for 75 minutes in small groups of 8 – 16 students
    • All classes are purpose focused with practical life application
    • All classes are “hands on” focused with students able to participate at their own level
    • All classes are adapted and tailored to individual needs and abilities of the group
    • All our classes encourage collaborative working and learning together
    • All classes are based on the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities & Content Outcomes
    • All students receive a certificate of achievement at the completion of each semester
  •  Why all aged classes?
    HEY Fever started with two aged groups Seniors and Juniors. Over time we added more classes and in doing so made the classes more age restrictive to give age appropriate focus.
    These classes we thought were going well until….
    We started classes at new locations where the numbers enrolled didn’t allow for students to be split up into individual age groupings, but rather all ages needed to be in the one class for the numbers to make the class viable. In these classes we saw dynamics that confirm that homeschooling works. In a home there are students of many different ages, working together as a family to learn and to grow. In the multi aged group classes we were getting the same dynamics with the students all working together, accepting each other and making contributions at their own level. 
    Seeing the homeschool dynamic work in an all aged classroom setting we have rethought our approach to our class age policies. We have now only restricted ages in our classes for safety reasons (sport) and content age appropriateness. Most classes see both juniors and seniors together in one classroom, students of all ages working together.