About Orientation Days

  • Orientation Days happen the week before classes start each semester. 
    Tuesdays for Morley & Fridays for Bibra Lake.


    Orientation Days are designed to give families….

    • An introduction to HEY Fever and who we are!
    • A chance to meet the teachers
    • A chance to familiarize yourself with the venue
    • An introduction to the classes and what they entail
    • A time to connect with other homeschooling families
    • Ability to discuss your needs, and your children’s needs, directly with the teaching staff  to ensure you have a sense of belonging and feel supported right from the start.


    This is compulsory for new families, with continuing families also encouraged to attend!

    Our next Orientation Days for Semester 2019:
    Morley : 10am, Tuesday 5th February 
    Bibra Lake: 10am, Friday 8th February

    If enrolling at both venues, only one meeting needs to be attended.